What is Manual Mode and why should I use it?

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I still remember my early photography days.

The frustration I felt when the images I took with my “fancy camera” were not at all like the ones I had pinned on my inspiration Pinterest board.

I couldn’t understand why my “great”, expensive camera, my beautiful props & my adorable son are not enough to produce beautiful images.


All I needed to do was aim and click a button, right?

Then why were my images looking the way they did? 

There are so many aspects to creating a great image. While great light & subject posing are so important! One of the most critical factors of a great photo is the photographer’s ability to control the camera settings. AKA shooting in manual mode.

The reason why my images did not turn out anything like I imagined was because I was using my camera in auto mode.

I didn’t realize that by shooting in auto mode, I am basically giving my camera all the control. The camera got to decide how the image is going to look.

The camera only cares about producing “technically correct” images. It does not care about my style or my vision.

A DSLR used in auto mode It basically a “fancy” point and shoot camera.

Learning how to use manual mode now allows me to make all the choices.

-I now get to choose whether or not I want blurry background.

– If I want the image to be bright or dark?

-Do I want to freeze or blurry motion?

These type of choices are so important when trying to execute a vision trough an image.

Once I mastered manual mode I was able to create images that look like these:

For conclusion; if your goal is to create art & develop your own unique styleI, I 1000% recommend making the switch to manual mode.

Sound overwhelming? That’s why I am here!! Let’s be friends and I’ll teach you all my secrets! 

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January 27, 2021

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